Doggy Day Care and Grooming Salon

Who said Day Care is just for your kids?

At Hounds Hangout we specialise in providing a fun and interactive day for your furry family member.

Dogs need to be social just like us and Doggy Day Care is a great way to split up their week and combat boredom. It also provides a fun, social environment that can improve your dogs manners and will definitely keep them entertained both physically and mentally. At Hounds Hangout we offer both inside and outside play times with allocated areas to suit your dogs specific needs. We also have a designated Puppies Playhouse for puppies up to 6 months. Hounds Hangout also offers a range of other services such as our convenient pick up and drop home service, where we collect your dog from home, then drop them back after they have had their fun at Day Care. We also offer day trips and excursions to the Beach, Hiking or even park

adventures this is a day that all dogs dig! 

At Hounds Hangout we not only provide Day Care, But also offer a Grooming Salon, not only for Baths but also clips, Nails, Ear Cleans and even additional services such as fur dying and nail polish.

Our Pooch Pickup is also handy for those people without the time to drop off and pick up their dogs but still don't want them to miss out on all the fun at Day Care. We pickup from any location around Ipswich (fees apply)

Doggy Day Care provides a safe, stimulating option for dogs whose owners are away for the day, travelling, or for dogs who need extra activity and socialization.

Our Grooming Salon does everything from a bath to a full groom including nails and ears. We also have Specialty items like Fur Dyeing and Nail Painting.

Our Pooch Pickup is another service Hounds Hangout provides. We pickup and drop home your pets in our Air Conditioned van. 

Come and Visit us at 5/1505 Warrego Highway, Blacksoil Call or email now to organise a walk through 


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